Martijn Schimmer

Martijn ( 1975 ) was born in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. At the early age of 6 years Martijn started making music by playing the drums. Soon his interest in the harmonic challenges and possibilities of the piano took over his attention. Martijn started taking piano lessons and developing his musical skills. In the 90’s the rise of electronic instruments and pop music took over his interest alongside his already firmly established love for classical and jazz compositions. This led him into composing his own music, which turned out to be a good combination of modern technology and strong compositions

After composing music for a few years Martijn was asked in 1995 to write the theme music for “Peter R. de Vries Crime investigator”. The show soon became Holland’s number one crime program and in 2008 the show along with the music was rewarded the prestigious Emmy Award. The music Martijn wrote was not only noticed by national broadcasters and television production companies like RTL, SBS and Endemol but also by companies covering the scripted genre.

In 1999 Martijn was asked to become the exclusive composer for the primetime drama series “Winds of the west”. The series soon became the one of the most popular drama series in the Netherlands and Belgium, winning the equivalent of the Golden Globe in the Netherlands in 2000. The series “Winds of the west” would also be the starting point of his longtime collaboration with the popular Dutch director “Johan Nijenhuis”

At this time Martijn was one of the most sought-after composer for both scripted and non-scripted music. Alongside his work for series and films such as “Ellis in Glamourland” and “Een beetje verliefd” (directed by Martin Koolhoven). Martijn kept composing music for television shows, such as the internationally game shows “Deal or No Deal” which aired in more then 50 countries world wide.

Today his track records stands over hundred’s television and film scores and hundred’s of television show, being aired all around the world each day. In 2012 ASCAP rewarded Martijn and his company the ASCAP award for best theme music for the international hit series “The Voice”.