Scripted Music

After working together for nearly 4 years, composers Martijn Schimmer and Matthijs Kieboom decided to combine their strengths and established their own company called “Scripted Music”. A company with the focus on writing and producing music for Movies and TV shows all around the world.

Martijn & Matthijs started Scripted after scoring 5 feature film, over a hundred Television show episodes and numerous TV programs together. The success in this collaboration comes from mutual respect, both personally and musically. Besides having a lot of musical similarities, the two both have their own specialties, which make them very versatile as a team.

Their philosophy is that, due to globalization of the Film & TV industry, it is much easier nowadays to work in other countries with companies from all over the world. Therefore “Scripted” invested in a great digital infrastructure to streamline things like Video Conferencing and handling big files. So, even though the director or producer may be miles away, it feels like they are right next to the composers for a hands-on collaboration.