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February 16th , 2013

After six moths of hard work, Scripted Music has just finished 3 new Scores.

“Van Gogh”, a 4 episode miniseries for the Dutch Public Broadcasting directed by Pim van Hoeve. A great film about the compelling life of Hollands most famous master painter.

Scripted teamed-up again with director Johand Nijenhuis to work on “Verliefd op Ibiza”. A romantic comedy which they score together with the internationally acclaimed DJ “Armin van Buuren”

For the movie “Ushi must Marry” Scripted worked again with director Paul Ruven to create a fun comic score.


After working together for nearly 4 years, composers Martijn Schimmer and Matthijs Kieboom decided to combine their strengths and established their own company called “Scripted Music”. A company with the focus on writing and producing music for Movies and TV shows all around the world.


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